OLM Real Estate Security Token

A Modern Approach To Rental Housing in Sweden

Token Features

  • 21 Nov – 15 Dec

    Round 1: = 0,185 usd / token
    50% Bonus

    20.000.000 Token

  • 15 Dec – 31 Dec

    Round 2: = 0,37 usd / token
    Public Sale

    131.000.000 Token

Round 1

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Softcap Reached


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Total number of tokens
250,000,000 Tokens
% for sale
0,37 USD / Token
Total number of tokens for sale
176,000,000 Tokens
53 Million USD
1 Million USD


Round 1

Round 2

Bonus 50%
Token Price 0.185 $ 0.37 $
Token Sale 20.000.000 131.000.000

Token Distribution

Pre-Sale 10 OCT – 10 NOV

Round 1 21 NOV – 15 DEC

Round 2 15 DEC – 31 DEC

Executive summary

OLM Real Estate is a company which is destined to contribute to resolving the housing crisis in Sweden by constructing and managing residential houses throughout Sweden.

 Our vision. Build 15,000 affordable, environmentally and socially sustainable apartments in the key areas of demand before 2023.
 High quality houses. For us, “affordable” doesn’t mean “low quality”. We build
well-designed, smart houses that incorporate technology to improve the daily life of our tenants.
 Low prices. Our construction efforts will be subsidized by the government and the rental will be limited for our apartments to ensure affordability to all tenants.
 Tokenization. The profit generated will be tokenized, with what is not used for reinvestment being paid out to token holders in Ethereum.
 Great team. The success of the OLM project is ensured by the team of real estate professionals with more than 25-year experience

Our Solutions

affordable smart houses

If an investor is not content with the progress and the results of a given milestone, the dissatisfaction may be expressed after every milestone during the voting process. If the majority of the investors have voted “yes”, the escrow, enforced by a smart contract, will allow the use of the funds allocated for the next milestone.

Types of houses

OLM offers house designs in different configurations to suit the needs of each municipality and its residents

Name: Standard house
Floors: 2
Material: wood

This type of house resembles a very long villa, allowing it to fit seamlessly into most neighbourhoods. The plans for this house have been drawn up and we are 100% ready for production of the blocks and construction.

Name: Multi-floor building
Floors: 4-7
Material: concrete

The building will fit well into city environments or as a complementary structure in those municipalities where we have built the two-floor apartment buildings.

Name: Assisted living homes
Floors: 1
Material: wood

This special type of housing is aimed at an older target group and others with special needs. The house only has a ground floor, enabling accessibility, and is primarily intended to be a complementarity structure to the two-floor apartment building.


Whitepaper / Pitch Deck download


OLM Development Time Plan

According to our carefully planned roadmap OLM Real Estate expects to reach an ambitious goal of constructing 1000 new apartments per year since 2020

OLM Real Estate concept concieved
Team hired
Prepare and plan next steps of ICO Launch
Prepare and plan next steps of ICO Launch, including White Paper, Blockchain coding and Marketing websites.
Reach Soft Cap, begin construction pilot project
Reach Soft Cap, begin construction of pilot project in Gagnef, aim for ICO Hard Cap, Road Shows.
Q2 2019
Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Borlänge, Säter, Sundsvall Launch 2nd round of ICO if token remain unsold.
Q3 2019
Uppsala, Norrköping, Nyköping, Härryda, Fagersta, Örebro, Västerås
OLM Real Estate organization can build 1000 apartments a year.
Building plans finalised
Token economic model decided
Token economic model decided
Launch ICO Presale
Launch ICO Presale, aim for Soft Cap Start ICO
Close ICO Continue construction
Close ICO Continue construction with Gnosjö project
Q1 2019
Åtvidaberg, Falun, Mora, Umeå
Q4 2019
Norrtälje, Södertälje, Mölndal, Rättvik, Ludvika, Bjurholm, Gotland, Kungälv, Vallentuna, Tyresö

Ongoing housing crisis in Sweden

The Swedish housing market is facing a severe housing shortage that has been increasing in scope since the 1990s

Supply Shortages
Sweden’s population is finding it harder than ever to find housing. The problem is due a combination of different factors, among them rent control regulations, high construction costs, and the increasing municipal regulatory burden since the 1990s
 Price surge
In recent years the shortage has led to a significant appreciation of prices, which now stand at 40% above the 20-year average. Furthermore, it has led to long waiting list for vacant properties. In Stockholm, for example, there is an average waiting time of more than 9 years.
 Immigrants and young adults
Sweden has also experienced a dramatic increase in the number of immigrants, further straining the housing system. As a result, immigrants, along with others who cannot afford to buy condominiums, are struggling to find affordable accommodation. This includes many thousands of young people (e.g. students) whom are being forced to live with their parents till their thirties in many cases due to this housing crisis.
Our Best Asset

Management Team

Carefully selected team of experienced real estate professionals will ensure that the project will be developed in accordance with the vision and that all the goal will be successfully accomplished

  • Robert Hellgren

    Successful entrepreneur with a unique combination ...

    Robert Hellgren

    Successful entrepreneur with a unique combination of financial knowledge and experience in the construction industry.

  • Daniel Edman

    Legal professional with a background in start-up a...

    Daniel Edman

    Legal professional with a background in start-up and contract law and experience in compliance. Daniel will be responsible for the company’s legal, financial a...

  • Johan Hultberg

    Knowledgeable construction manager with expertise ...

    Johan Hultberg

    Knowledgeable construction manager with expertise inspections and logistics and prior experience at Edblad & Co AB

  • Albert Li

    Albert has 8 yeas experience in software developme...

    Albert Li

    Albert has 8 yeas experience in software development , as Blockchcain expert in OLM he developed smart contract and worked on core module of payment and...

  • HaoMing Wang

    This is senior software engineer who has strong ex...

    HaoMing Wang

    This is senior software engineer who has strong experience with full stack development over 7 years. Contributed to construct ICO dashboard and token sale...

  • Christer Hjerpe

    Graduate engineer from KTH with years in the const...

    Christer Hjerpe

    Graduate engineer from KTH with years in the construction industry

Foundation of Our Success

Advisory board

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