What Is OLM Real Estate?
And How It Will Change Real Estate Forever

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Ongoing housing crisis in Sweden


Sweden’s population is finding it harder than ever to find housing. The problem is due a combination of different factors, among them rent control regulations, high construction costs, and the increasing municipal regulatory burden since the 1990s.

Price Surge

In recent years the shortage has led to a significant appreciation of prices, which now stand at 40% above the 20-year average. Furthermore, it has led to long waiting list for vacant properties. In Stockholm, for example, there is an average waiting time of more than 9 years.

Immigrants & young adults

Sweden has also experienced a dramatic increase in the number of immigrants, further straining the housing system. As a result, immigrants, along with others who cannot afford to buy condominiums, are struggling to find affordable accommodation.

Our Solution

Standard house

Floors: 2
: Wood

This type of house resembles a very long villa, allowing it to fit seamlessly into most neighbourhood. The plans for this house have been drawn up and we are 100% ready for production of the blocks and construction.

Multi-floor building

Floors: 4-7

In recent years the shortage has led to a significant appreciation of prices, which now stand at 40% above the 20-year average. Furthermore, it has led to long waiting list for vacant properties. In Stockholm, for example, there is an average waiting time of more than 9 years.

Assisted living homes

Floors: 1

This special type of housing is aimed at an older target group and others with special needs.The house only has a ground floor, enabling accessibility, and is primarily intended to be a complementary structure to the two-floor apartment building.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision.

Build 15,000 affordable, environmentally and socially sustainable apartments in the key areas of demand before 2023.

High quality houses

For us, “affordable” doesn’t mean “low quality”. We build
well-designed, smart houses that incorporate technology to improve the daily life of our tenants.

Low prices

Our construction efforts will be subsidized by the government and the rental will be limited for our apartments to ensure affordability to all tenants.


The profit generated will be tokenized, with 50% being paid out to token holders in crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

Great team

The success of the OLM project is ensured by the team of real estate professionals with more than 25-year experience

Why You Should Invest ?

You probably saw hundreds of different STO launching new blockchain technologies, and in the end they are just trying to get your money and disappear, but that is not us.

OLM is a well thought combination of a traditional Real Estate business, but with advanced monetization strategies and developed growth plans. Real Estate is one of the safest investments you can make. Unlike some other STO, problem that our market has is REAL.

And it has to be solved eventually.
Now the question is, will you be the one who will make money from solving the problem, or will you look from the sidelines?


Dividends paid to the token owners. Our investors will receive a share of the profit generated by rent from constructed houses for each OLM token they hold. This share of profit attributable to “dividends” is fixed at 50%.

Tokens will take off in parallel with OLM Real Estate. As we will keep all our propertied for rental income our portfolio will grow and so will your tokens

Reinvestments of profits. The remaining 50% of the profit will be reinvested to building new houses. Reinvestments are vital for project success, as they enable further expansion to new regions and thus a generation of additional profits. At the same time, we will publish financials and operational results to ensure token holders that the asset allocation is fair and transparent.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
All completed transactions with token holders will be recorded in the Ethereum Blockchain using Smart Contracts to achieve the highest standards of trust and security.

OLM is following the ESMA regulation.

Participate now in this ESMA regulated STO, with top tier associates.


According to our carefully planned roadmap OLM Real Estate expects to reach an ambitious goal of constructing 3000 new apartments per year 2023 and onwards

Look Who's Talking About Us!

Meet the Team

Management Team

Robert Hellgren
CEO, Chairman of the Board
Successful entrepreneur with a unique combination of financial knowledge and experience in the construction industry.
Johanna Härdelin
CFO - Chief Financial Officer
Johanna have more than 25 years of experience from activities and processes in the finance and accounting area within several industries, both from the business side as well as from the IT side.
COO - Chief Operating Officer
Håkan has over 35 years of experience from the construction industry in Sweden.
He has run major construction projects with great responsibility
Johan Hultberg
Production Manager
With this long-term experience in construction, Johan is an important part of the future prefab production methods.
Christer Hjerpe
CTO, Chief Technology Officer
He will work as a business unit management consultant in the region of Skåne. Christer
has extensive experience in house and prefab production.
Asim Nizam
Web Assistant
Web Developer at MGI Tech is IT Skilled Professional having in depth knowledge in Web Technology,
Simon Zenios & Co LLC
Senior Legal Adviser
Simon Zenios is an experienced Corporate Lawyer and ICO/STO Expert (recognised by ICOBench.com -only a handful of Lawyers globally have achieved this recognition).


Ben Acheson
Advisor - Ambassador
Investor, mentor, corporate financier and digital expert University of Hertfordshire, CAM Diploma, Digital Marketing CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) The open University / BA (Hons) Business Studies, Business Management and IT
Francisco Antonio Andreasson Padilla
Creator and strategist with a strong passion for people, technology and systems. Coding, designing & creating since age 10. He started with his first Tech & design project at the age of 13 and developed a strong mentality early on. He has always taken responsibility for his own and his client’s successes.nFeatured in Mashable, AWS Start-ups, Break it, DiDigital, STING, Globo News, Times Of India etc. He is always in the process to gain experience, new knowledge and to meet with talents.
Mak is a die-hard blockchain fan and cryptocurrency believer. Just two years ago, He dove head-first into the world of blockchain technology and hasn’t looked back. He deeply passionate about communicating how decentralized technology will change the world.
Pranav Arya
Pranav Arya is a serial advisor to ICO projects with great potential, providing turnkey solutions, connecting them with all necessary support such as ICO consultants, marketing, Branding and community managers, crypto funds and investors, crypto exchanges, etc.